August Update on the Stairs

  • We are planning to use the $20,000 grant we received from Supervisor Hillary Ronen (thank you!) to purchase tiles for the stairs.  A neighbor is currently researching tile options.  We are waiting to hear from DPW about when we will receive the funds, and when they can schedule a site assessment to determine if there is work that needs to be done to repair the stairs before we begin retiling.  
  • Several of us attended a Street Parks Workshop by DPW and the Parks Alliance at which we visited several street parks across the city and picked up lots of helpful advice. We got a lot of feedback about hardy plant options; these suggestions are currently being reviewed by the a Bernal neighbor and partner at the landscape architect firm Arterra, who are donating their services to this project.  
  • The applications for Community Challenge Grants will be available in October, and we will be applying then.  Neighbors are taking the lead on that. We are planning to "go big" with a request for $100,000. 
  • Neighbor is also spearheading a grant application with Lowe's, which could end up providing anywhere from $5,000-$25,000. 

FYI, below is a picture of the Athens-Avalon stairs in the Excelsior, a plot quite similar to ours.  They just completed their new tiling.  This was a completely neglected dry barren plot a couple of years ago.