9/21/2016 Update

Many updates in our effort to improve the Tompkins Street stairs.  

  • First, word from Carolina Morales in Supervisor Campos's office that the new PUC-installed lights are in place.  She writes:  You might have seen this already, but I wanted to make sure you knew that the light installation has been completed! Thank you again for working together and for your patience. We will continue solving every matter, one step at a time. I look forward to meeting with the Putnam Neighborhood Safety group next Tuesday evening and hopefully bringing more updates. Here is the update I received from SFPUC: I wanted to let you know that the lighting upgrade job  on Tompkins Stairs is complete. I have attached pictures of the new street  light LED and pole we installed midway down the stairs and a picture of the LED luminaires we installed on existing street light poles at the top and bottom of the stairs. This additional lighting and upgrade to LED will  provide more security and safety on the stairs.  
  • A number of neighbors met at the stairs with Hillary Ronen, candidate for Supervisor, on September 17th.  She expressed her strong support for helping us pursue the creation of a beautiful and safe green space for neighbors.  We previously met with candidate Josh Arce, who also expressed strong support.  Photos from both events are attached. 
  • I am meeting with staff at the SF Department of Rec and Parks on October 7 to learn more about our options a) creating a community garden and b) petitioning Rec and Parks to take over the property.  Thanks to DPW staff for arranging this.
  • DPW staff have been VERY helpful regarding installing a water meter.  DPW has agreed to cover a $12,000 "backflow" device we need to install, and their staff are assisting me with an application to PUC to have them cover the cost of installing the water meter and paying the water bill for three years!

I think the next step is for neighbors to gather and discuss all our options and see which paths we want to prioritize and pursue, and brainstorm what our "vision" for the stairs is.  I ll be back in touch shortly to suggest a date and time and place!