March Update

Following are updates from our March meeting of the Tompkins Stairs Beautification Group (TSBG).  The main news is that we expect to hear in May whether we are getting a Community Challenge Grant (CCG) to bring us up to the amount we need to get the project underway.  If we are funded, we expect the project to start in full force in July.

In the meantime:

  • We are planning to schedule a community work day some time over the next couple of months, and Karen is working with SFPA to see if we can get the Clean and Green Team to join us. Stay posted. 
  • We are developing promotional materials including a laminated printout of the landscaping plan, informational flyers, and a sign-up sheet for people to join the email list.  Karen is heading this up, and she and Sharon will participate in an upcoming community/family event at BHNC and the Library to spread the word about our project. 
  • Our fiscal sponsorship/partnership with SF Parks Alliance (SFPA) will formally begin within a month. All future fundraising, grant proposals, and contractual agreements will need to be reviewed by SFPA, and we will officially become a "project"of SFPA.  
  • We received final official approval from the Arts Commission for our tile project.
  • Our online fundraising portal has been designed and is ready to go, but we are waiting until we hear about the CCG so any money we raise can be counted toward the CCG match requirement. We will also need to connect our portal to the SFPA. 
  • On April 14 SFPA is holding their day-long annual conference for partners and TSBG will be represented by Anne and Buck.  
  • Kate is continuing to work on getting bids from general contractors.
  • Ian and Jes are continuing to get bids from arborists.
  • Ian is beginning the permitting process for any necessary tree removals from the site.
  • Sharon is pulling together information/options for waste receptacles near the stairs, for discussion at our next meeting. We've gone back and forth on this over the years, since receptacles can also attract dumping.  However, many folks who use the stairs for the Farmer's Market commented to Sharon, Anne and Buck that they are frustrated by the lack of trash receptacles, so we are re-opening this discussion.